With Hostaro.com, you will gain access to a pretty simple to use site generator. It is really easy to get the knack of and it features a dashboard that is guaranteed to be immediately recognizable to everybody who has ever dealt with an admin portal. The site generator offers plenty of eye–pleasing site templates which you could customize with a click of the mouse and generate a site to your taste. Last but not least, every template is mobile–optimized, so your completely new site will look really good on all device types from the outset.

The site generator is a part of the Hostaro.com Web Site Control Panel, offered with all cloud hosting plans, VPS hosting plans, semi-dedicated plans, and dedicated web hosting plans offers.

An easy to use site generator

No web development expertise is needed

The idea of our site generator is to make site building straightforward and to assist you create a super cool site without the need to pen even a single line of HTML or PHP, or any other coding languages.

You can do this by means of layout elements which you could add to any template and then tweak and re–arrange as you like. Plus, you can trash the elements you have no use for with just a click. Should you wish to make your site more good–looking, you could easily embed videos and images, or even a blog to it.

Plus, everything works smoothly.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A collection of easy–to–redesign site templates

Cool site themes that look perfect on phones, tablets and desktops

No matter what sort of site you wish to set up, the Hostaro.com’s site generator will have a solution for you. It has a decent collection of completely free design templates that are ideal for any sort of websites – personal pages, online stores, community boards, etc.

To make your site even more compelling from the very beginning you should leverage the range of different design layouts and color configurations available with each theme. Plus, each theme features built–in support for well over a hundred web fonts which can be changed with a click of the mouse. Last but not least, you will gain instant access to a big collection of pre–made images.

Should you choose to replace your website theme later on, all tweaks you have completed will be transferred over to the new website template accordingly.

A collection of easy–to–redesign site templates

Integrated help desk and step–by–step video tutorials

Discover exactly how easy it actually is to kickstart a website

If you want any type of guidance working with the Hostaro.com’s site generator, there are multiple step–by–step articles and videos that are inspired by the most commonly asked questions.

With their help, you can find out exactly how to modify your existing site template, how to add new pages to a website or perhaps how to embed a blog.

In case you are unable to locate the information you need in there, you can make contact with us. We are available anytime and we reply to all support requests in under an hour, guaranteed.

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